Yarb's back on the air

I just hear Mark Yarbourgh back on the air replacing the Jimmy V time slot on 730am this afternoon. Good for him… seems like a well rounded, fair, local guy that always liked NC State as well as gave credit to Charlotte whenever he could. Not that I like State part but unless you went there everything CLT comes with a Bias. Never understood the shakeup that happened at the other end of the dial that got rid of him, but glad he is getting another shot!!!. He was always fair, unbiased and not part of that shock jock crap that is on now to get a reaction

elvis out

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He is cohost with Bobby Rosinski who calls our games - there will be plenty of procharlotte talk.

clt is amazed people still listen to local sports radio. Lots of other options now

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How many of those national shows has Niner coaches on weekly? Talks Niner sports regularly?


clt agrees, but the commercials and shtick is too much.

Yeah, I literally only tune in if someone says one of our coaches will be on at X time. The noise, the nonsense, the awful commercials… local sports radio is just terrible most of the time.

Rosinski and Yarbs are truly the exception------that actually talk 99% of the time about real sports-----and yes, LOTS of Niner talk.

Really glad Gerry V is gone. Loved him back in the day but his return was not good.
Now I pretty much only listen to Kyle Bailey. His show is great.

ugg…Kyle Bailey is all ACC, all the time.

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