You gotta like our chances from here on out

I know that you can’t look past most teams in the league (ask Louisville about Houston) but the league Championship can be ours if we take care of business.

Cincinnati still has to play Louisville, Charlotte, DePaul and Memphis on the road as well as Marquette and UAB at home.

Louisville still has to play UAB, Marquette, Memphis, and DePaul on the road as well as Cincy, Charlotte and Memphis at home.

Memphis has two losses and still has to play Louisville and Charlotte on the road as well as Louisville and Cincinnati at home

Charlotte still has to play Louisville on the road as well as Cincinatti, Memphis and DePaul at home.

Louisville has a win at Cincinnati and we have UAB and Marquette road wins under our belt. Cincinnati has yet to play a road game in the upper half of the conference.

We close out the season at South Florida while Louisville has to go to DePaul and Cincinnati has to go to Memphis.