You guys see something wrong here?

:rolleyes: :wacko:

That we squeaked out a win by just “1 point?”… :stuck_out_tongue:

No only that the ESPN sports reporter got his math education from UNC-Chapel Hill :rolleyes: BTW I love when Home In Halton calls them that when reading the scores :smiley:

BAN ESPN! :smiley:

What kind of headline is that, anyway? I mean, I’ve taken a lot of journalism classes and have never seen a title starting with something like “Squeak!” unless it’s a feature – never a hard news.

What morons…then they’re gonna put that headline on this page

what dopes…

I also noticed that Cincy was 21. Who uses coaches poll and who uses the AP?

ESPN/USA Today is the coaches poll. So you always see those horrible rankings on ESPN.

[b]Squeak! Charlotte defeats DePaul by [b]one[/b] point[/b]
[b]Backed by a raucous Halton Arena crowd of [b]9,105[/b], Charlotte had 18 offensive rebounds, four each from Withers and E.J. Drayton, to just 11 for DePaul.[/b]
Gee, no one can count tonight. Good crowd, but wouldn't have called it raucous either.

I thought it was racous, HP. Better than Alabolo, but not as loud as Cincy.

The all sports network has lost their stupid minds. Who wrote the headline, the observer?

OK, here’s another from CNN-SI. Check out the team records, if they haven’t fixed the errors yet…

9-2 vs. 9-3

As of now they have fixed the ‘by 1 point’, but they still have DePaul as 9-3 rather than 8-3. They’ll get it eventually!

[b]Squeak! Charlotte defeats DePaul 66-62[/b]


In fairness to DePaul, they did almost steal that game tonight, as we went like 8 minutes without a FG and missed a few key free throws. So I didn’t see anything bad about the “Squeak” headline, we just squeaked by winning by 4 and not 1. The issue here is the error on margin of victory. And I can understand being mad about that. But they were only being realistic. On the other hand, the refereeing was terrible on our side…but the bottom line is we got the W, that is all that matters against a team as solid as DePaul.

I guess they’ve corrected the “by one” thing by now because I don’t see it. But, we did squeak that one out in the end. Thank god we’re done with the Deiners (at least in regular season.)

Drew was a pretty nice guy, from what I remember, just a good shooter and not cocky like his relations.

Drake is definitely the biggest punk out of the group, but that’s more a product of his environment. Geeze, DePaul players are pricks.

But isn’t it nice to be able to look at the TOP 25 Scoreboard and find our game recap?

[i]Originally posted by 199er9[/i]@Feb 17 2005, 09:00 AM [b] But isn't it nice to be able to look at the TOP 25 Scoreboard and find our game recap? [/b]
Amen. Makes it easier to find in the sports scroll on ESPN and HLN too!