Mississippi State 49

We jumped up several spots in most of the power polls last night with Alabama’s win. If we can pull the upset tonight we can really make a jump.

Sagarine Ratings through Tuesday

Pomoroy RPI Through Tuesday

KenPom’s site is interesting. His RPI page shows that we are:

1-1 vs top 50
1-1 vs 51-100
10-0 vs 100+

That’s not a stellar resume, but it’s not bad either. That doesn’t take into account our road record, which I sincerely hope the selection committee starts noticing and is actually factored into final rpi. An overall winning record in the first two categories should do it. No bad losses helps too.

By the way, without looking, guess who our wins and losses against the top 100 are. Bet you’ll be surprised on at least one of them.

(I’ll break the suspense, IU is currently only at 109, but if they win a couple more Big 10 games, they can slide back into the top 100 and make us 2-1 there. La-La was the other top 100 win, they are comfortably in at #78)