damn that picture makes me want to be a student again.

104 gets crunk :shades: :headbang:

LoL. They didnt even care that I brough a cup of beer with me into the stadium.

I think everyone in the front row crowd really appreciates you respecting their seats. There's nothing that really stops someone from sitting in someone else's seat if they get there early enough, but it's nice to see people being so polite. I don't actually know who you are or if you sat anywhere near me on the front row, but believe me, Niner Nation is glad to have you.

I was sitting on the side closest to the niners bench.

I was sitting on the side closest to the niners bench.

I guess you wouldn’t have seen me then. I’m on the other side. Unloved side of 104 first row represent! Where my dogs at? Noah? Matt?

Haha I couldnt see you yesterday, but everyother game ive seen you…harry potter

Jk man, great get up

True, we are the unloved side of Row A, Sect 104. But I’m bringing that back.

I was right beside Cha_49 and his lady friend. We kept it hype

Most Def Chisox, Nice to meet you

hmm… Cha49er, I cant remember who you were… did you tag urself on facebook?

nm I think you just did.

i tagged myself in the nnn group

Section 104 did a great job tonight i.e. (full gear, loud, and on the feet the whole game). I’m sure the Lady Niners were really appreciating the support from you guys. Great turn out tonight. [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=6][COLOR=DarkGreen][B][I]Go Niners ! ! ! [/I][/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] :clap: :clap: :clap: