11/1/19 NNN Lunch on Campus @ Crown Commons

Let’s go ahead and put this on schedules. We can decide location soon and will try to keep it fairly central location.


If possible, I’d prefer to keep this near the Uni campus.

May be in. Let me know when gets decided.

Do you not live in VA anymore?

This can be a moving party, we close on our new house on the 29th. I’ll supply the food if yall supply the labor. :rofl:

I just paid $700 to have my shit moves 1.5 miles, so you better be providing some great food.

I do. I’m in town that weekend for the MTSU game.

Went back and forth on where to do our NNN lunch and someone suggested on campus - so why not?

Who: Anyone and everyone that wants to hang out
What: NNN Lunch
Where: Crown Commons in the Student Union
When: 11/1/19 @ 12:30PM
Why: Because we are Niners

Who is in?
NWA :skull_and_crossbones:
NLP :facepunch:

SoVi is better than Crown.

EDIT: if it’s up for debate, here are the main entrees:



I was just thinking ease of parking and walking and if anyone wanted to look around at bookstore.

Have it here instead and I’m in:


Bookstore is the same overpriced shit anyway, and who wants to pay to park?

I can’t argue bookstore, but parking is probably going to be easier and more plentiful at the south deck and it’s a short walk from there past Scott and Ho House.

I won’t patronize that owner’s business because of his intolerant viewpoints about some groups of people.

Is there clearly marked visitor parking over there? Didn’t think there was.

Enter south deck on west side, visitor entrance. Take ticket from entrance robot. When returning to deck, pay parking fee at kiosk by stairs/elevator, put ticket in exit robot, leave.


Let me confer with a few others - Personally I havent been to SoVi but was impressed with Crown and we “may” have some folks from out of town.

Chinese dinner didn’t agree with me last night, I think. I’m out sick today.

Hope ya feel better!!

Y’all come out and join us! So far it’s me Mrs NWA and NLP

Just a reminder! Today at 12:30 in the union!