14:28 left in the first half

WIth 14:28 left in the first half we attempted our first 3 point shot. I loved this and was thrilled to see this. We attacked the basket, fed the ball consistantly to Phil Jones and took the open 3’s for the most part when they were open. Hard to ever take much from these games but if that continues this season with us going inside first without forcing it outside I like our chances to have a strong season.

i took note of this as well - I’m so happy we have a CENTER this year

Here is Ottawa’s first half in a nutshell (according to gametracker)

3 missed fgs and a turnover
[B]3 pointer[/B]
7 missed fgs
[B]2 pointer[/B]
3 turnovers in a row, 2 missed threes and a timeout
11 missed field goals & 2 turnovers

With under 4 minutes remaining, the score was 43-9. They were 2-25 w/6 turnovers.

[B]2 pointer[/B]
3 turnovers & 3 missed field goals
[B]2 pointer[/B]
missed field goal

1st half totals:
Score 53-14. Ottawa shot (4-31), w/9 turnovers