1988-89 Men's Hoops Video


Thanks for sharing. It was these moments that has acted as the anchor to keep me engaged in this program. It’s time for us to revisit the glory days.

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The crowd looks solid in that video.

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clt misses seeing ads for cigs

Remember these days well. Pro sports have really hurt our place in the Charlotte market.

Those were good times. The Coliseum on Tyvola had just opened. The Hornets were selling out every night and leading the NBA in attendance. But ours wasn’t bad either, even though it was a haul from campus. Some of our big games, we were filling up the lower bowl which was like 11-12k. My frat also worked parking and concessions there and made good money. And it got me into several incredibly great concerts (U2+Pixies was one). But most of all, I miss those Niners teams from the early 90s… Henry Williams, Jarvis Lang, Trigger Terrell, etc.


consistent mediocre seasons has hurt our place…not being to the tournament in almost 2 decades has hurt us, not pro sports…

There is no real way to prove this but I am fairly confident our status in the Charlotte market is impacted by professional sports. Sponsorship dollars, attendance, media attention and merchandise can only go so far when people’s interests are spread thin. How often have we heard our fans debate whether to attend a Panthers game or one of our basketball games. Not knocking people just using an example.

I was around during that time and we were about the only game in town other than then brand new Hornets, NASCAR, minor league baseball and hockey. Don’t get me wrong we did not come close dominating the market but were somewhat of a presence. Of course the ACC was a much larger presence back then.

While I say all that I do agree sucking hasn’t helped either.

This market is so much larger now than it was though. So while it’s true 25-30 years agp there was less competition there were also way fewer people.

If we win we will get all the attention we want. Between the city and the size of our student body.

I can buy that! And I would love to find out.