2 for the price of 1 tickets

I saw on the official site that they are offering 2 tickets for the price of 1 for the Houston game and the Depaul game next Wednesday. Probabaly too late for the Houston game, but it might be worthwhile to promote this around your office or wherever there are non season ticket holders. Depaul game is also bobble head givaway. Here’s the link to the coupon.


These are the kinds of promos that should’ve been done for games like Georgia State and UNC Asheville to build crowds later in the season. It’s not gonna do much for building a crowd for homecoming and the final home contest against Southern Miss.

The deal is only for the 2 Wednesday night games. A couple of people told me that they want to go to the Depaul game next Wednesday. Hopefully a few more will jump on board.

I think they may have done this for a couple of other games this season, St Louis for sure. I’m not sure about Georgia State. It’s not promoted very much.