2003 Lamborghini : Murcielago

slightly used.


can we make this the LutzFan forum since I am the only one that posts here?

Wow. Is there anything on that POS that’s even salvagable? Can’t imagine paying over $12K for that, despite what it once was. Someone must be feeling very ambitious (stupid) if they hope to restore that thing.

I’d like to see Monster Garage or pimp my ride get a hold of that car. I saw where the first General Lee was on e-bay. It had been found in a junkyard wasting away and went for at least $20K, actually think it went for a lot more than that.

Kid Rock now owns the original General Lee and it’s completely restored.

A small brake problem? :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh:

Kinda like being a little bit pregnant.