2004-05 schedule, did we get bumped for UofL?

Guess we don’t pay enough for victories… and if so, who will the 49ers replace them with?

North Carolina A & T doesn’t include the 49ers on next season’s schedule but Coach Jerry Eaves was able to convince Pitino to have a “paid practice” with the Aggies. Also, they were scheduled to play at Houston but looks like that will be scrubbed but do travel to Tulane.

They received $205,000 in road game guarantees last season. Of course, as bad as they were, that wasn’t nearly enough!

A&T men’s basketball schedule includes game against Louisville, Greensboro News & Record

[b]The A&T women, meanwhile, will play host to Pittsburgh on Nov. 23. They'll take trips to UNC Charlotte, Wake Forest, N.C. State and Virginia Tech's holiday tournament.[/b]

Someone call Katie Meier. I wonder if they could arrange a game with A&T while the Aggies are in town playing UNC Charlotte.

Memo to Chancellor-Elect:

Please eliminate this confusion for us, ASAP.