2004-2005 Charlotte Media Guides

Hey Charlotte fans, I have a couple of 2004-2005 basketball media guides I wanted to offer you from the C-USA Tourney. I was fortunate enough to cover it for our website and picked these up thinking we might meet down the road in the tourney. Unfortunately that didn’t happen and I am left with another couple of books that I can’t store anywhere but can’t bring myself to just toss.

The first guide is the regular season guide, a large glossy-cover softback with history, records, and a LOT of great information and photos of the team this season and in the past. There’s even an inset about Charlotte celeb Clay Aiken!! (J/K, I HAD to throw in that dig! :smiley: ). It’s an awesome book, 116 total pages.

The other is the post-season guide, a stapled paperback with game recaps, news articles, and other various information on the 2004-2005 team. The quality of this one is not as good - I think the AD tried to throw it together too quickly - and the photos could’ve been MUCH better. Still the information is good and makes for a decent little yearbook for the team.

I’m not quite sure what to ask for this, but just email me if you are interested. I can be reached at chrislindy@cardinalempire.com. Thanks, Chris