2004 Recruits that got away

I thought it would be fun to track recruits that got away last year and show how they’re doing (or not doing) at their respective schools.

Here is the link on the Recruiting Forum, for those of you that haven’t seen it:
2004 Recruits that got away

The most impressive (in my opinion):
Rajon Rondo - Kentucky. He starts and is averaging 8.5ppg.
Deron Washington - Virginia Tech. This kid has all of the tools to be a potential superstar in the ACC. He is averaging 8.1 ppg.
Justin Williams - Wyoming. He originally verballed to Depaul but ended up at Wyoming. Averaging over 9 ppg and 6.3 rpg. Played juco with Drayton.
Anthony Morrow - Georgia Tech. He went to Charlotte Latin. He is averaging 5.3 ppg, a great shooter, and has had a season high 20 against Lafayette.

Rondo had 8 steals vs. Mississippi State! One of the analysts guessed that he would be going to the NBA very soon.

I like to follow them too. Thanks for making it so easy. How about Tangara at Arizona? How’s he doing?

Lefty, not sure how i missed Tangara but I’ve updated it now. He has only played in 5 games this year and has been a non-factor.

When you look at the entire list and you see how our guys are doing versus the rest of them, makes you feel pretty good about our recruiting class and how they are playing in their first year (although 2 are jucos, so they do somewhat have a head start).