2010/2011 Season

3/12/10 reset

From the top:

HC: Bobby Lutz- He will be here
Assistants- Mox, Cheeks, Kummer. If Mox leaves, does Bobby bring Benny back?

The team:

More than a handful of posters seem to be very confident that this team will be very good- I’ve even seen the term “loaded” used

Green (jr)- He isn’t a shooter but can score. Not sure what to expect.
Briscoe (so)- Is he the PG??? I need to see it first
Davis (fr)- Freshman… PG… Usually a bad mix
Barnett (jr)- Will he ever play enough D to get regular minutes?
Parks/Lewis (so)- walk on’s.

Jones (sr)- Hopefully he keeps improving.
Spears (sr)- We know what we are going to get from him about every night.
Bras (so)- I expect more double doubles than not. I expect him to take a huge leap next year.
KJ (so)- He will be stronger and have a year under his belt and it should show.
Wilderness (sr)- God I wish he could shoot.
Sirin (so)- Hopefully he beefs up and works on his D- could be a big weapon

The front court looks very promising. But the back court scares the shit out of me. We don’t have a PG who has done it at a high level (Briscoe might be great, but I have been burned too many times by the hype machine around here). Our back up PG will be a true freshman or a walk-on. Our shooting guard is a scorer more than a shooter. Aside from Green we have no depth at SG as long as Barnett is glued to the bench. There is not one guy in the backcourt I really want to see taking a big 17 foot jumper.

We still have big time holes and the fact that we whiffed on a big part of the 2010 recruiting cycle leaves me worried.