2010 Coaching Carousel

We lost the thread on this topic, so the list below are the ones I remember/have seen. Please add any fires/resignations/hires that you have.

Fordham, Dereck Wittenburg
DePaul, Jerry Wainwright
UNC Wilmington, Benny Moss
Wagner, Mike Deane
Gardner-Webb, Rick Scruggs
Oregon, Ernie Kent
East Carolina, Mack McCarthy

Really now, that quickly?

Pirates’ Director of Athletics Terry Holland will address the media tonight at 6 in the Murphy Center. Holland indicated in the release that the search for McCarthy’s replacement will be done in a swift manner and a source close to the situation said Saturday night that the new coach could be named as soon as this afternoon.
[url=http://www.ecupirates.com/sports/m-baskbl/spec-rel/030610aab.html][b]McCarthy Steps Down To Accept New Position[/b][/url], ECUPirates.com [url=http://www.reflector.com/ecu/ecus-mccarthy-stepping-down-26075][b]ECU's McCarthy stepping down[/b][/url], Greenville Daily Reflector

Who would willingly sign up for that ECU job? Ugh.

Ernie Kent though, is interesting. Oregon was not good this year and real bad last year, but the year before went to the NCAA’s and the year before that went to the Elite 8, which he has taken the program to twice. Hmmmmmm…


Words cannot express how much I wished Lutz was on this list.

Small world, Scruggs was Bobby’s replacement at G-W after he resigned for an assistant’s position at Charlotte shortly after getting the Bulldogs’ job.

Also out are:

Binghamton, Kevin Broadus (technically on leave, but no way he’s coming back)
Central Arkansas, Rand Chappell
Dartmouth, Terry Dunn
Fairleigh Dickinson, Lawrence Frank
Penn, Glen Miller

BTW, Ernie Kent has not been officially fired - all “rumors” at this point.

Also, don’t be surprised to see openings soon at Auburn, Rutgers, and St. John’s. Within the A-10, I would think the “hottest” seat belongs to Jim Baron.