2013 Light Rail Bar Crawl!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages… well maybe not all ages, probably should be 21. Let me formally invite all of NNN to the 3rd Annual Light Rail Bar Crawl. Past two years have been a blast, so don’t miss this one. Past NNN participants have been the likes of Pip, Gill, Job, Hooner, Skoddy, Bust, SCK and more. Last year we managed to shutdown Dixies, one person vomitted in the bathroom and manned up and took another shot when he came back to the group, another knocked over a full pint of beer on the way out while being yelled at by someone, Skoddy’s girl showed everyone up with cornhole and more…

Date: Saturday, 6/15
Time: 1:30PM until ???
Location: Light Rail
Itinerary: See Below

1:30 - 3:15 - McKoy’s Smokehouse (lunch and assemble)
3:30 - Woodlawn Station, next stop New Bern Station
3:30 - 5:00 - Triple C Brewery
5:14 - New Bern Station, next stop East/West Blvd Station
5:15 - 6:45 - Tyber Creek/Big Ben
6:56 - East/West Blvd Station, next stop Bland Street Station
7:00 - 8:30 - Gin Mill/Tavern on the Tracks (prob dinner here)
8:37 - Bland Street Station, next stop Convention Station
8:45 - 10:00 - Latta Arcade (Belfast Mill, Valhalla, French Quarter, Hooligans)
10:00 - 2AM - Uptown (Epicenter, Connolly’s, Dixies, etc)
Last train out of Charlotte runs at 1AM (which makes no sense when the bars close at 2) so either arrange hotel, be prepared for cab or grab the 1AM ride.

There is a Facebook event out there, HotRod has invited a big group and later today I will send out another round. Trust me though - this is a good time! So who is in? I expect to see some of you folks that have not joined us - looking at you NLP, 2k, Bojangles, Feltis…

NWA +1
HotRod +1
Hooner + brother (his brother, not a black dude)
TWS +1
Drummer +1

Whoever it was, I think it was a jello shot plus he came back with that AND another beer.

I’ve vomited in the bathroom at dixie’s once upon a time. I also had a long conversation with Curtis Withers about god know’s what at the bar since I was fucking hammered.

I’ll be there.

Well sounds like Dixies might be closing this weekend so will have to find a new place to shut down!

Forever closing?

Yup… That’s the word. I’ve heard the lease on the lot expired.

Yup… That’s the word. I’ve heard the lease on the lot expired.[/quote]yep. I’ve known this was coming for a long time. I know someone that also rents from Levine in First Ward.

Rumor has it TWS might join us.

Who’s TWS?

Come on ride the train, & RIDE IT!

I think beers are half price if you are wearing a fanny pack.

[quote=“stonecoldken, post:10, topic:27785”]Who’s TWS?

Come on ride the train, & RIDE IT![/quote]

You coming Kenny?

Should be a good time.


Wife wants to know if any ladies are planning on going.

Liz will be there, Jennifer Beam and Ashley Cox (HotRod’s friends), Tara Hunter will be there, my wife is coming and I think there will be a few other ladies.

Also, anyone planning on staying the night in Charlotte? We obviously won’t be going back to Winston afterwards.

Yes - we are crashing uptown.

Yes - we are crashing uptown.[/quote]

Where at?

Yes - we are crashing uptown.[/quote]

Where at?[/quote]

Decision has yet to be made…