2014-15 Injury Updates

What’s the latest on Braxton and Sullivan?

Major said on the radio show Braxton isn’t on crutches and is walking around. They hope to know more tomorrow. Last I heard on Sullivan was Friday. Said he was 1 to 2 weeks out. My guess Braxton will be back against Davidson and Sullivan should be good around that game or a few days after. Although it sounds like Braxton may be day to day so who knows. Doubt he plays tomorrow though.

I was told today when I was upgrading football tickets that Brax would play tomorrow night by the ticket office

so the stat line on yahoo sports that had Sullivan with one foul and one minute played was an error? That’s actually good. I was afraid he went in, got some contact and had his symptoms flair up.

Glad they are taking their time for both players.

No reason to rush.

CUSA games are the important ones for our quest to the post season.

Losing to Miami, even twice is not going to kill us.

Nobody wins anything with a losing attitude. If you are attempting something always expect to do it or don’t attempt it at all because if you think that you can’t then the outcome is already determined. I hope that every player on the team believes that they will crush Miami at home even without two good players available because they still have the talent to do it if their heads are right. It’s up to a coach to make his team believe, and when they believe they pay harder and better. I’m thinking that Henry needs a good shot of belief right now because of how he is playing. He could turn out to be either an All American this year or just a player who under achieves based on what he believes he will do. Watch closely the eyes and expressions of players who believe they will be successful and it’s much different from those who don’t. Henry is not expressing the attitude of I’m going to do it like I have seen from him in the past, so Major needs to have a long talk with him to encourage him to be the best point guard in college this year because he has the talent to do it.

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