2015 Charlotte vs. Rice Ticket Thread

My daughters are asking to attend this game. Does anyone have 2-4 tickets they will not be using they can give to an alum? If so, please text me at 704-433-5109

clt says it is good that our team is hosting an anti gluten event.

Send me a PM, I’ve purchased four tickets for your girls for the Rice game; I’ll email you the ticket PDF. Anything for an alum. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. Got the tickets I need.

Anyone need 2?

121 (center court) Row G

I usually give my tickets away but I actually had friends coming and couldn’t get 4 together so I had to buy 4.

Asking $15 per ticket (face is $25)

email josephpcohen@gmail.com

Need to BUY 2 tix for tonight’s game. I usually buy handicap seating for my senior citizen mom, but they are sold out for tonight’s game. Need lower level. Message here if anyone is selling 2. Thanks!

If anyone has 2 lower level tickets and can’t use them, please pm me.