2018-19 C-USA Basketball Predictions, Scores, and Rankings


More accolades for WKU and Marshall.



Bassey #9 on this list of top 20 frosh.



This writer definitely not up to date on rosters, among other things! :roll_eyes:



44 WKU
65 Marshall
95 ODU
124 North Texas
148 LA Tech
154 UTSA
161 Middle Tennessee
162 UAB
165 Southern Miss
182 FIU
230 FAU
252 Rice
260 UTEP



“It’s a schedule that doesn’t meet the talent we have,” Sanchez said. “I’m not sure with two seniors and four or five freshmen that we’re ready to take on a schedule as potent as it is."

That’s not encouraging.


All we can look forward to right now is recruiting.

Plus, of course, the outrage that will surely come as we surely stumble through this first season.

Let’s watch for improvement and for individuals buying in.

i’m predicting that there will be significant transfers out in 2018-19.



He did say this. "My hope is, regardless, we are a better team in January. That’s the one positive I’m excited about.”

That is everyone’s hope with this roster.


And this about UTSA.


clt bets we lose Davis after the season


We allow all students to go longer than four years, so we should suit Davis up and let him play again. If the NCAA says anything, send them to see Bubba.


Matt Norlander predicts two C-USA teams will be dancing!


Davis should redshirt…


I hope we get the chance to applaud Byron Dinkins at the first game. Like many of us, he has taken a leap of faith on Sanchez, and I am glad to have him back on the team.


Another preseason poll in which the writer needs to do his homework. Realized his statement that our coach retired at the beginning of last season was a mix up with Tim Floyd at UTEP. Afterall, Niners and Miners do sound similar!

Busting Brackets

2 Marshall
4 North Texas
5 Southern Miss
9 LA Tech
11 Middle Tennessee
12 FAU
14 Rice


If we finish above 10th with this roster, Sanchez should be Coach of the Year.

He won’t be.


Gary Parrish mentions WKU and Marshall in numbers 58-60.