2018-2019 Basketball Over/Under - 11.5 Wins


Green tinted glasses are strong, but rightfully so. Its been a while since we’ve had a reason to imagine this much upside. Fact is, we have no idea if the roster has talent, if coach Sanchez is the real deal, or anything else. This is an unknown journey we are all embarking on together, hoping for the best. One thing you have to consider, though, is that Sanchez will have to have some sort of in-game learning curve to overcome. This in itself will lose a few close games. 10 wins this season. Starting slow, but finishing the season strong, is what I expect.


After the 2 dismissals, the over under should be at 9.5 wins.


this is going to be rough, but i think we’re going to get a crystal-clear view of what is coming. and what i hope is that we see a bunch of guys that gel, caring for each other, playing with discipline and intensity, winning an occasional game and improving over the season. i’ll be over the moon if we get that!


Hope I’m wrong but have to go under.




clt meant 7


Spot on right now


For the record, I was predicting NEXT SEASON’S win total.


Every year we all overestimate the win total.


Unfortunately, overestimating is a hallmark of these types of boards, for all teams, across the nation. Go back and look at how many people said Major was a great hire. Then Price. We probably have hundreds of threads where we say a recruit or group of recruits will bring us back to glory. I actually believe Sanchez will be a good hire, but I don’t think we will be good next year either. I think 2020/21 will be the year we get to around 18+ wins. If I had to predict: 12 -14 for next year, 18+ IN 2020. I’d love to be pleasantly surprised, but I find those numbers realistic.


Isn’t part of being a fan to overestimate the potential of your team and to underestimate the potential of your foes? I see nothing wrong with it except that you can count the number broken hopes when it is listed in a forum.


I think with both Major and Price we were holding onto hope those rosters wood stay relatively intact, with Sanchez he took over one of the worst programs in the nation. Not many of us have experienced the depths we are seeing and not sure many of us understood how bad things were.


Price had 3 players when he started.


When we hired Price though his roster looked really solid. He wasn’t able to hold onto them.


I understand that. It’s just crazy he hit some “home runs” with JD, White, Uchebo, and you can throw in Scott. Sanchez didn’t get anyone who has played well as a freshman.


I just didn’t think it possible for us to be worse than last year.

I’m wrong a lot


Well who are his recruits that are playing? Martin and Younger that’s it. Martin has done fine and younger has shown flashes. In fact both compare about equal to White and Scott stats wise. Coop and Dravon are Price recruits.

Now you are right Sanchez didn’t hit on a JD level kid.


Coop has probably been more consistent than any of the freshman. I have enjoyed watching more this year since they are at least putting in the effort to play while last year I did not go to the last five games it was so bad. My wife likes going this year since she can tell the difference and she is not even a huge fan.


The problem with both Major and Price is that their recruiting didn’t get better as they went. Next year’s class needs to look average to the next or 2nd class that follows.


Well Sanchez has his baseline to which to be judged going forward now. Next year will be rough but the 2020-2021 year should tell a lot if Sanchez can turn this program around.