2018-2019 Basketball Over/Under - 11.5 Wins

Looks like there are 31 games before the CUSA tournament. I’ll set the over-under Win total at 11.5. Are you taking the over or under?

I’ll take the under and be conservative and say 5 more wins than last year is a pretty significant jump in a new coaching staff’s first year.


Defense wins a lot of games, and you don’t have to be uber talented (though depth will be a problem) to play great defense.

I’m going with about 13 wins.

i’m going to say over. i will predict 15 wins. i think we have the talent and athletisism and coaching to see a significant improvement plus the conference, although improving, is still not great.


I guess that’s better than you expecting a winning record.

i don’t think a winning record this season is out of the question but i’m going to say that depth, lack of size inside and integrating all these new players and a new system will lead to us being below .500.

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Over. Our fans have forgotten what coaching can do for an undersized, and under-athletic team. Mediocrity is very possible.

I think the Niners get 11-14 wins this season, which would be a great improvement over last season. Excited for the Sanchez Era to begin

I want to see what our roster looks like come game 1, lol.

I agree about being being undersized but I,don’t think we lack athleticism.

not out of question or likely? Could it happen, sure. Likely? I’d say 20% chance.

15 wins. We lack depth, but the roster we have is fairly talented, we have someone who by all accounts is a competent coach, and CUSA is an absolutely putrid league for hoops. I’m excited for the season to start.

5 wins

I think we see an improvement from last season but don’t see over 11 wins.

It may not be this year, but we are going to beat Davidson before we get back to being good again. When we do, that will make the over/under irrelevant.

I’m taking the over. 15 wins and a win in the C-USA Tournament.

I am taking the Under. I think CUSA is getting better at basketball and we will be a young team. It also sounded like the players had a ways to go to get where the coach thinks they should be with effort. We will be better than last year’s team, but not by much on the record side of things. CUSA is a 2 to 3 bid league that only gets 1.

11 wins with a look of promise.

clt says we win 17

I will take the over. I think we have a lot of winnable games on non-conference schedule. I believe this team will finish much stronger than it starts and finishing with 4 games against mid to low tier C-USA teams will allow us to get hot going into C-USA tournament.

I want the over, because I hate myself enough to be optimistic about the niners