2018 C-USA Football Predictions, Scores, and Power Rankings


Lambert has won five FBS games in his lifetime. Don’t worry about him winning five FBS games this season.




Wow, that really puts it into perspective.


Niners #12 and next foe ODU #10.

Plus a scathing assessment of C-USA.


Things back to “normal” with Niners at #9 (and next foe ODU at #10). UTEP firmly entrenched at #1.

Bonus: Tar Holes #7!


Well, guess I can’t blame Cyrus for picking ODU over Niners based on history but glad we proved him wrong!


In his defense, we did try to lose it at the end. Just happens ODU is better at losing than we are this year. I’m as surprised as any of you!


How did C-USA end up with so many SEC matchups this year?


A combination of luck and concerted effort to upgrade schedules. Too bad our teams are not up to the task to compete at that level. It’s still good we’re even on the SEC’s schedules .


North Texas about to prove us wrong


In football…confidence is real. If a team gets rolling and has confidence it can play at a different level. App State does it often and there will be several teams each year that go on a roll (North Texas) or fall off a cliff (FSU) at a level that does not match their talent level.

It’s amazing what a string of wins or losses can do to a team’s mentality going forward.



Week 3 Scoreboard

Thursday, September 13th

Old Dominion 25

Saturday, September 15th

Bethune-Cookman (FCS) 28
FAU 49

UMass 24
FIU 63

South Carolina

Middle Tennessee 7
#3 Georgia 49

North Texas 44
Arkansas 17

Southern Miss
App State

Tulane 24
UAB 31

Tennessee 24

K-State 41

Western Kentucky 17
Louisville 20


OK, let me get this right - Charlotte wins and drops two spots, while the team they beat goes up 10?! Hmm…


Speculation by Marshall beatwriter.


Makes no sense


Especially since we were underdogs on our home field.


There’s clearly no attention paid beyond the top ~40



Niners up three to #9.