2018 C-USA Football Predictions, Scores, and Power Rankings



Good ol’ NCAA!


C-USA well represented!


I have a different take on the return play. Forget the part where he actually made a weak attempt at a fair catch or it sure seemed that way. The returner took advantage of the rules and protections and basic unwritten understanding that allows someone in his position to be protected.

If I was the Arkansas coach I would have drilled the kid the next time he did a fair catch to just remind him how he is in the defenseless position with special teams bearing down on him and to think twice about taking advantage of a dangerous part of the game that is set up to protect him.


Seems that Deadspin has been duped. From Pat Forde:


clt says deadspin is not what it was once was


I’m willing to bet that they were considering it, then there was public backlash to the deadspin article, then they pretended like it was never on the table. I have little faith in the NCAA.


I’m pretty that play is illegal in the NFL. I don’t know why I think that, but I feel like I have read that if the player stands there for a few seconds the refs blow it dead.



Ever think we’d be ranked higher than Florida State in football? Weird, huh?




Week 4 Scoreboard

Friday, September 21st

FAU 36
#16 UCF 56

Saturday, September 22nd

UMass 49

FIU 17
#21 Miami-FL 31

LA Tech 21
#6 LSU 38

NC State 37
Marshall 20

North Texas 47
Liberty 7

#13 VA Tech 35
ODU 49

Rice 22
Southern Miss 40

New Mexico State 27

Texas State 21

WKU 28
Ball State 20


#3: “Brad Lambert’s time as Charlotte’s head coach is just about over”




Niners drop to #12, while next foe UAB comes in at #6. No surprise as North Texas remains top dog in C-USA.



I predict we will be back in this list in no more than 2 weeks.