2018 C-USA Football Predictions, Scores, and Power Rankings



“This one should be over by halftime”…should be our motto for Niner football


Surprised they didn’t say over by mid-first quarter to be honest.


LA Tech’s victory over North Texas catapults the Bulldogs to #1.

Niners #10.




Unbelievable we’re not in either of these Bottom polls. Maybe we’ll beat wku for a Homecoming treat.


were such a mainstay in the bottom 10 they don’t even want to put us there anymore. Were so bad that a publication in our own city that makes fun of bad football teams doesn’t want to make fun of us anymore.


To say that C-USA is a mess is an understatement. Still a ways to go but kudos to anyone who picked Middle Tennessee and UAB as favorites to win their respective divisions.


Middle Tennessee QB joins exclusive college football passing yardage club.


UAB new #1. #11 WKU @ #12 Charlotte on Saturday.



We’re so bad now, the Bottom Lists ignore us.


Who knew 2 wins were so valuable this early in a season?



[quote]WKU at Charlotte (WKU -7.5, 3:30 PM ET, ESPN+)
Both teams have had two weeks to prepare for this one. WKU’s only win of the season came on the road against Ball State so there won’t be any road jitters for them here. WKU has the best unit in the game as their defense should keep Charlotte under 20 points. I trust the Tops here more than Charlotte so I’m going with them.

WKU 24 Charlotte 14[/quote]

Can’t win them all UDD.


Love that ML on this one $$$


UAB still #1. #9 Charlotte @ #5 Middle Tennessee on Saturday.


More weekly rankings.


I want a new coach, and it is going to take losing to get that, but damn it I want to win!