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Kingsbury, not Fedora


I would laugh my ass off if I made this post and then realized that he’s 8-1 against the C-USA, MAC, and MWC since joining the Sun Belt.

I think we all know that Mack Brown is coming out of retirement for the Cheat job. :joy:


Mack Brown to UNC. Enjoy that.


I was thinking that their AD needs some accountability for the getting them into the situation with Fedora. Seems like this may be his attempt at playing it safe.


One less competitor for our job.


Unbelievable how bad that hire is. Hilarious. They really could have taken their time and picked up someone solid…instead they go quick trigger on a near 70 yr old super retread that hasn’t coached in half a decade!!

Couldn’t happen to a better team.

Love it.



I’ve read the big money (ie the people that paid for the Fedora owed cashed) wanted Brown.


I know those people. They wanted Judy to keep her job.


I’m sure most posters are aware, Mack’s first HC job was App, 1983. Agree dumb hire, translated great hire imo. Screw the Heels.


Win, win. Further solidifys Chapel Hill ineptness and gets Mack Brown off my TV.



Well that was quick.


So, this is the coach of the squad we held to 7 points. :wink:


clt says appy coach is likely gong to lville.






And you guys are concerned that Mike Houston , who seems to be a rational person, would want to wade into this, at any price?

I don’t think so.


If it is indeed between us and East Carolina, it will be a test to see if Houston is a wise man and moves closer to his family in Franklin or a greedy man who takes the money and runs with no regards for the situation in Greenville. I’m betting he Is a Wise Man