2018 Football Coaching Carousel


I think you’re assuming we can’t compete with ECU on salary. Mike Hill has already stated $900k range. Montgomery was at $1.1m.


Coach made the comment about being closer to family in Franklin if in CLT, so I did some research.
CLT to Franklin NC: ~195 miles
Greenville NC to Franklin NC: ~395 miles
Harrisonburg VA to Franklin NC: ~407 miles

I like these figures.


App now thinks Satterfield is going to Uof L so they will be looking for a new coach next week as well.


Appalachian would be a lateral move in all aspects and certainly not closer to his family


App cannot pay as much as Charlotte or ECU. They just increased Satterfield to around $750k which max’d them out.




Pat Forde on Brohm’s decision to stay at Purdue after leaning toward taking the Louisville job.







Good for him. A coach with that kind of moral and ethic deserves a place like ECU


Scott Satterfield to be the new head coach at Louisville. But I thought the Appies said he loved Boone and wasn’t going anywhere! lol



Satterfield’s children will no longer go to school with the move to Louisville. They just do not meet the Watauga County School standard.


The App fans thought he was going to stay in Boone and retire like Moore did several years ago. I have never seen a place feel that someone making $750k would not want to move to make over $3M a year.

I expect that if our football or basketball coach left for a bigger job that we would wish them well since that would mean we were back to winning and hopefully can bring in another successful coach. I had an App fan tell me today that they did not think Satterfield would leave since they expected to win the next 2-3 conference championships.


JMU is having a presser tomorrow at 2:30. They think it’s their next guy, or at least the person overseeing the transition.


College football coaching is kind of a dirty little frat. Play the game well, you score millions. Play it really well, people like you too.