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ECU to transfer money from physicians to athletics

Football has an outsized importance at East Carolina University in a state where basketball generally reigns. During good times, it helps attract more student applicants and alumni donations. When football is suffering, though, the money squeeze gets tight. Last week ECU said that it plans to invest $10 million now sitting in its ECU Physicians business into the athletics’ program over the next several years. “Funds will be transferred as expenses are paid,” a spokeswoman said in an emailed statement.

ECU said it “routinely moves funds in this matter between institutional accounts in managing operations and expenses.” Officials noted that the athletics department and the ECU medical practice —which is being sold to Greenville-based Vidant Health for $460 million — do not rely on state funding, instead relying on ticket and television revenues and medical fees.

UNC System spokesman Josh Ellis and State Treasurer Dale Folwell said they were unaware of the practice. Folwell has criticized both university-affiliated foundations and the Vidant-ECU Physicians transaction.

I checked with four other people familiar with UNC System finances. Each expressed surprise about such a transfer, even if state funding wasn’t involved. Most schools would cut the athletic budget before tapping medical-related funds, they said.

In November, ECU said its athletic department would have negative cash flow of $5.2 million in 2019-20 unless student fees were increased. The matter is pending. Meanwhile, Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium is undergoing a $60 million renovation, football game ticket sales have sagged and Coach Scottie Montgomery was fired last week.

That’s the situation Southern Mississippi University Athletics Director Jon Gilbert and James Madison University coach Mike Houston are walking into, should they take the ECU jobs as expected. And it’s the situation Chancellor Cecil Staton will be leaving in January, pending agreement on buyout terms, according to the Carolina Journal website. Staton, who told the website he hasn’t resigned, has held his job since July 2016.

ECU and its Brody School of Medicine are often called the most important institutions in North Carolina east of Interstate 95. Everyone should be pulling for the Pirates’ leadership to make the right decisions.




It was an email from Business North Carolina. No Link.





I don’t want to give this asshole his own thread so I’m putting this here.

This past Wednesday, Houston held an offer from Charlotte and was considering the job after speaking with 49ers athletic director Mike Hill twice, but that was before ECU fired former coach Scottie Montgomery on Thursday.

“[Charlotte] wanted to come meet with me face to face and they wanted to do it quickly,” Houston said. “They were trying to move very, very aggressively, so I gave them a couple of options that I didn’t think interfered with our game plan for Colgate, so it worked out early Tuesday morning.

“But they wanted to move very aggressively and in hindsight I should not have allowed to be pushed like I was, but I was coaching all day and preparing for a game, so I had limited time opportunities in between.”

Houston said East Carolina reached out to him on Thursday, so he told Hill he wanted to at least hear what the Pirates wanted to discuss.

“I try to be honest in my interactions with anybody,” Houston said. “I told Charlotte I was going to speak with East Carolina. I told them if they felt like they needed to move on, that’s fine and I understand that. And that if they want to continue to consider me, that’s fine, too, but the big thing was, at that point that late in the week, I didn’t want to do anything else, I just wanted to focus on our game on Saturday.

“The thing that none of us expected, and the thing I had made it a firm priority was, that no one speak of me being considered down there [at Charlotte]. Now, how it got out down in Charlotte, I don’t know. I was very clear of that. At any rate, they did what they thought they needed to do. I don’t particularly care for the way they handled their business, but I did not feel like it’d be advantageous for my team to get into a media back and forth, so I just let it go.”

Charlotte publicly rescinded its offer to Houston on Friday.


So he’s blaming us for pushing him around and doesn’t like the way we handle business? haha



clt says the school from the big city sure was pushy. greenville will be perfect.


Looking forward to 8/31/24


Odds are Houston/Healy are both gone.


potentially, but as futuristic as that date sounds, it’s only 6 years…


Yeah, they’ll both be gone by then.




Fuck this prick. To hell with him and this shitty spin he’s put on this.


So Hill called, made an offer, needed an answer, because that’s how it works, you don’t dictate terms here, you felt pressured and agreed. That’s on you. Then EZU reps called, you wanted that job more, so you started to waver on YOUR agreement, got cold feet, told Hill you wanted to listen to their offer, but keep that opening for me as my back up plan. Are you effing kidding me? Hill did what he was supposed to do. You tried to have it both ways. Sorry bud, doesn’t work like that. What’s worse is he publicly calls out Mike Hill. Exactly what a spineless individual would do.


I wouldn’t read too much into that statement. It is believed that him or his agents were in discussions with multiple schools for a little while. It did him more good than Charlotte that it was leaked. Immediately ECU moved to fire Mo and the rest is history. You don’t clear $5.4 million in deficits, hire an AD, and a coach within a span of 4 days. Nobody believes that garbage no matter what you say in public. Either Houston fixes their team or they will be looking for more money in two years. I think Houston took a huge gamble and will reap what he sows.


According to Houston and the JMU crowd we were the Black Knights trying to force ourselves on a helpless maiden, but were chased off by a White Knight who came to rescue her…um, him.


According to NinerNation Dot Net, JMU was left behind and can eat a big fat d.


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