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Houston’s account doesn’t really make sense given how Hill was responding. Why would Hill shut down the search based on Houston only saying he was interested in the offer? No one does that ever. I think he’s leaving out the part where he verbally accepted an offer (and now wants to claim he was pressured without saying he actually accepted an offer). Pretty dishonest, unless Charlotte never really shut things down at all (and maybe that’s the weak link in this logic, do we know for sure that things were shut down?).

If he is lying, the question then is why lie about it now? Is it only that he’s afraid for his reputation if it gets out that he made a promise, then backed out of it when approached with a much better offer? It might hurt his manufactured image about the value of his promises, but not everyone would fault him for backing out of a verbal agreement given he’ll get paid better and ECU is in a better situation. I wonder though if it’s more that he (or his agent) never intended to sign with Charlotte as some of our fans have suggested (and pointed out above that ECU was likely already in discussions with him), and that his dealings with Hill were all an act to force ECU to act more quickly and not interview / pursue other possible candidates. That probably looks a lot worse for him and his reputation, particularly his claims that he tries to deal honestly with people, so he has to come up with this nonsensical explanation for where negotiations were with Charlotte.

I don’t really feel that strongly about it though. Houston was a strong candidate, but he does have some potential negatives aside from the integrity questions.


Still prickish.


How must ECU feel about Healy saying in the video this was his next career step. One thing to think it. Another stoopidur thing for Houston to tell EZU they only a temporary means for his next career move! Bozo. After doubling his salary!

Thankful we missed that trainwreck


Not to mention that it appears that ECU Athletics is under water financially. And this coaching change doesn’t help their situation. I’m quite happy where we are with our new coach and we didn’t mortgage the university to pay for it.


Well to be fair, no coach will turn down a $500k or $1mm per year raise. Ecu and us will always be a stepping stone until we pay what the big boys pay. Just how it is.


True but it takes a coach that is very unpolished to admit that before taking the field for the first game.


Bingo. Was not even asked. No wonder he is a 2-year wonderchild.






I’d love to hear the ole Liberty spin on how he fits their required model of the ideal person . I really REALLY dislike that “school.”


Ga Tech has hired Geoff Collins from Temple as new head coach


Hypocrites. But their spin will be the ol’ reliable “redemption” loop hole. Yeah, redemption for the whoremonger. Whereas if a STUDENT has ONE simple transgression, they are OUT of the school. I want nothing but disaster for this “university”.


Terrible comment


Dan Wetzel gives his 2 cents on Freeze to Liberty.



Freeze only deals with singles though.





Nice mention there for us and positive feedback on Healy. If you read through all the evaluations, I find it rather funny that the only school to receive a D grade was UNC in resigning Brown :rofl: