2018 Football Coaching Carousel


That Is a scathing article. Wow.


Mark Richt retiring at Miami.


ESPN reports Applewhite has been discharged at Houston.

Houston could have Knute Rockne as their coach and they’re still not being admitted to the Big 12. The Southwestern Conference teams that left to form the Big 12 in the 1990s were leaving to get away from Houston, Rice, SMU, and TCU, for different reasons.

Nothing has changed at Houston to make them a more attractive conference mate.


How ‘bout Lane or Butch to Miami?


Fixed typo.

FWIW, Houston was the final school to join the SWC, so their history with the now defunct conference only lasted a couple of decades.

The Southwest had its share of national prominence, with member schools winning titles in football, baseball, golf, and track & field. Of course, also remembered for numerous NCAA sanctions, most notably the “death penalty” given the SMU football program in the 1980s.


Butch Davis would be an intriguing rehire at Miami. He brought former Oklahoma head coach John Blake to UNC-CH as his defensive coordinator and Blake was on the take from agents.

That crookedness led to several players, including Marvin Austin, Robert Quinn, and Greg Little, accepting improper benefits. Those 3 have been permanently disassociated from UNC-CH. That NCAA investigation led to the discovery of the academic scandal.

Miami dodged its own NCAA difficulties involving imprisoned booster Nevin Shapiro. The NCAA botched the investigation of the school’s relationship with Shapiro and dropped the serious charges against the Hurricanes.

The ACC wouldn’t like Davis returning to the conference, but they can’t stop it. Davis is 2 years older than David Cutcliffe, but 2 years younger than Mack Brown.


clt is hearing that mike Houston has accepted the Miami hc position


What about the Houston position? The school bears his name.


Shh! That’s their selling point to lure Mike Houston. They’re offering to name the school for him.

ESPN reports Manny Diaz is leaving Temple, where he was just hired as head coach, to return to Miami as head coach.

Temple could go after Applewhite.

Butch Davis is crushed.




And the Sun Belt continues to get worse.





Nice step for him for to a B12 school. I still find that whole Holgorson deal a bit odd the way it unfolded





That is good news for the broke Pirates. They ran out of booty.


App State Asst. Resigns