2018 Football Coaching Carousel


Lost Dorsey the other day too


They have already lost 3 assistants on their new staff, and the rumor on their board is that another one is coming. Sounds like a great start. Can now understand Healy’s repeated mentioning of getting assistants who you can trust not to stab you in the back.


That staff is HOT HOT HOT.


You mean the college football world is discovering what we already knew. Boone is a poop-hole, and no rational human wants to live there.


clt says once again, we made the better hire x10

Appys on the way to western Carolina status


First App loses its coaching staff, then they start losing the replacement staff, then players start looking for schools with openings. Call 704-687-0409.


I have heard from some App people that they are not happy with their AD, plus most think the new HC will only be at App for 2 years


I see The Bills are furthering their status as Panthers North.



Appy is making its second round of hiring football assistants to replace Satterfield’s staff, and it appears they have just picked up Shelby High HC Lance Ware, a former Appy long snapper. This is an unusual hire for a team poised to move to the P5.


Good move for Lance.


clt says appy is out of money and has to hire former players at a discount.

Is it time to seriously discuss an appy/wcu merger for cost savings?