2019-20 C-USA Basketball Predictions, Scores, and Rankings

Three Man Weave’s preseason picks:

2 North Texas
5 LA Tech
10 Middle Tennessee
11 Marshall
12 Rice
14 Southern Miss

Niner frosh Jahmir Young is the preseason choice for conference FOY.

I just do not see us finishing at the bottom again this year. I think we move to the 5-6th spot at least, but maybe I have green color glasses. I feel with more depth that Sanchez will be able to go with the defense he wants to play along with more options to score. I know we had JD last year, but would hope that we have developed a few more scorers since last year.


We have some inexperience, but we have some good length and better shooting. That article is really sleeping on Vasic who I think will be much improved and didn’t mention Bertram who should be a great shooter. They also have Brice Williams as the end of the bench player. I think we are still a year away from making real noise, but we should hold our own in league play.

I was looking this morning about possible games to attend this season. I think my definite’s are Wake at home, UNCW and ECU away. I may pick another weekend home game as well. 2.5 hours each way is too far for the during the week night games.

Do they not read this board? We clearly have top 4 level talent and depth.

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Lots and lots of unknowns, and then you had all the hope we as a fan base have now and you get very inflated expectations.

If this team were an NCAA Basketball video game, we’d have about 10 players all rated between 65 and 75. Lots of depth, but we know it takes a couple game breakers to make real strides.

My guess? We won’t be bottom of the league, but we’ll be in that next rung up, 9th-11th. We’ll pick off a couple against those sleeping on us, but otherwise just a modest and methodical step up from last season. I’m good with that.

Football team was predicted to be last…and so far…we are #6 in the CUSA power rankings. A real coach is making strides quickly. Hell, there have been writers talking about us competing for the Eastern Division now that we are 4 games in to the season.

My point…we have a real basketball coach too…that had to play 2 walk ons last year real minutes. We now have depth we didn’t have before, shooters we didn’t have before, size & length we didn’t have before…and the #1 recruiting class in CUSA coming in this year.

We will finish MUCH better than pre season expectations…just like football…we will firmly be middle of the pack at least.


This article is laughable. This is setting up perfectly for Ron to be COY.


agree. in a conference like cusa, the #1 can change your standing finish in one season.


My thoughts exactly.

Hard to be positive after losing your mvp from a team with 8 (?) wins last year. So many unknowns. I don’t expect much for this year but hope Sanchez brought in the building blocks to succeed In the near future.

I think finishing this year between 8th and 12th in CUSA is probable.


clt says we only missed one shot in that vid

I don’t think we will be good this year.

I am actually the opposite of this. I have high hopes for this team. It is literally almost a brand new team, relative to last years. 9 of our 13 scholarship players this year were not on the floor last season. However, several were here (and practicing) last year so they should be more ready than most “new players”. Additionally, we have a grad transfer (2 actually) that I expect to contribute and I think most of the true freshmen can contribute.


I could be wrong (has happened many times in my life) but I think finishing in the top half of this conference is very possible. If the team gels and we don’t have a lot of injuries I really think we could move into the top 5. Sanchez coached a team of freshmen, walk ons and Jon Davis to 8 wins and at least 5 games that were not decided until the final minute of the game. JD was a great player but not a great fit for Sanchez’s system. Just my opinion but I don’t see any reason why we can’t be very competitive in this conference this season. Sanchez has had a year to add his style of players to this team and anyone who doesn’t want to be here has had time to get out. I’m predicting we finish somewhere from 4th to 7th in CUSA.

We have a ton of unknowns at this point and we’re still extremely young. I’d be shocked if there isn’t noticeable improvement but going from bottom to middle of the conference might be too much to ask for.

One thing is for certain, guys will now have to earn their PT.

I totally understand what you’re saying. If we don’t make that big of a move I won’t be disappointed as long as we show some good progress and improvement over last year. Moving up to the middle of the league is not necessarily my expectation but what I see as possible. Depends on way too many unknowns for me to be disappointed if we don’t make that big of a jump. With that said I’m still sticking with 4th to 7th for my prediction.

Last year we basically had one scorer, this year I want distributed scoring. Last year we did not have the guys we needed to win the rebound battle, this year I want our rebound numbers to be competitive with the other team. Last year we had too many turnovers but I think that was due to JD trying to do everything, this year I want more balance and help so that does not need to happen. Last year we did not cause enough turnovers, but I think we gave that up to avoid fouls on our short bench, this year I want us to be much more agressive and score on those TOs. These are the wins I am looking for this year. Not that I would mind beating Davidson too.

Maybe I’m wrong but I think with all the technology and social media over the last 20+ years, it’s harder and harder to find the over looked great players that can make big impacts at freshman.

Until proven otherwise I have to think a freshman coming to a 300 rpi team isn’t leading us to be a top 100 team. Could it happen sure but not likely. Some think that’s negative but i say that’s realistic. Doesn’t mean they can’t develop but not D1 high level playing ready day 1.

[quote=“MHH2006, post:17, topic:34183, full:true”]…With that said I’m still sticking with 4th to 7th for my prediction.

What rpi do you think we’ll have this year? Last year Marshall was 4th in CUSA and was 100th. Are you saying you think we jump from 300 to 100 rpi with losing JD and relying on unknowns?