2019 & 2020 Early Hoops Expectations


I’m on board with what you are saying. I think 15 wins is definitely achievable in this conference next season. We were so close in so many games this year all we need is a few solid players to get us to 15 wins. If we fall short of 15 this coming season but show that we are headed in the right direction I will be satisfied (satisfied not happy) without thinking it is time to make another change. The third season I would hope to be in the 15-20 win range but so much of that happening is based on unknowns like who transfers & how do the new guys perform.



Yes, the bar has been lowered. It was lowered when we moved to the A10 and lowered again with the move back to C-USA. We may not like it but it’s the truth. I’m a young one so I don’t remember all of our history but according to Wikipedia we’ve been to 11 NCAA tournaments but only won 5 conference tournaments. Meaning we have 6 at-large bids. Those aren’t happening anymore. This expectation that we should be in the tournament more years than not is unrealistic until the time comes that we can move to a better conference. Personally, I just want to get to the point that we’re consistently top 4 in conference and the conference tournament is actually meaningful.



Next year’s class has both…that’s my point in saying we should expect a pretty big jump.



I almost never agree with NA----on anything, but he is ABSOLUTELY right on this. It should not take more than 3 years to get to at least an NIT/NCAA bubble in this day and age (even from where we have been lately).



Totally agree with all of this.



We are in a 14 team conference. All of those teams want to play in the NCAA tournament but only one or maybe two gets a bid. In our final year in CUSA 1.0 I believe six teams made the tournament. It is foolish to think in two years we will go from being one of the worse teams in our conference to the best. I hope for a quick rebuild but realistically I think this is a long rebuild.



This is not football. Basketball one player can make huge impact which has happen to us before like White.



But but but Coach K and Dean Smith took so long to do it! Everyone should get 9 years before we pass judgment on them!



We will not get a White type recruit here at this point.

Our scholarships are full so all of the hope is on the 4 incoming recruits and the guys we have. We will need to let some guys go to keep recruiting or have the right guys transfer. Maybe those will look the same on the outside. I am not sold on the new roster as it stands today being a NCAA tournament team. I really need to see what happens over the next two offseasons to see how year 3 looks.



We can recruit at that level.



I think this was in re: Rodney White.

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LOL isallgood.



Four in 2005 - Louisville (tourney champion auto-bid) and Charlotte, Cincy, and UAB as at large entrants.

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We are ~300 out of 350 teams and in 2 years the expectation is at least being ~75 out of 350 teams competing for NIT (or winning reg season). And every other team is trying to do the same thing.

Yes, let’s just land freshman that can play year one and get us to the top 75. I like that plan. It’s just takes a few guys right. I’m sure Sanchez will deliver. It may be a good Idea to start stuffing envelopes too. I’m sure recruiting kids like that to a school that just missed the CUSA tournament for the 2nd straight year is likely to happen.

Is this what you want, expect or realistically think will happen?



Every single point you just made was already refuted in this thread. Literally, every point.



You gave a few examples of great turnarounds. Is that the norm or did you choose to just list a few examples of great success and igonored the other 100 times of moderate improvements. Could over night success happen? Sure. Likely? No. Are people’s expectations based on things not likely to happen? Or do some on here really expect something that happens let’s say 10% of the time? That’s what I’m having trouble with understanding/accepting.



It happens all the time, including us from even worse circumstances. That you choose to ignore empirical evidence is not my problem.

Meanwhile, keep lowering the bar. That’s what got us where we are, what guarantees we will be left out in the conference shakeup coming in 2023, and therefore guarantees our permanent irrelevance.



What is your top of the head likelihood in % of this new coach success happening that you mention? Happening all the time (couple cases per year maybe? Idk) doesn’t make something likely.

Expecting growth each year and thinking 12 wins max this year and 15+ in 3rd year (17 or 18 wins would be good) didn’t get us to bottom of CUSA. I would be thrilled with overnight success. I just don’t think it is likely and reasonable to expect. Some I think are letting the good ol days influence the expectations.

Just to add, I was disappointed with Sanchez’s 8 wins this year. My expectations the next couple years are based off of where we are today, not where I think or hope we should be.



1985 wasn’t the good old days. We were coming off of the worst season in our history - we had a coach who held up flash cards for plays and we lost to a drug store.

If we only win 12 or 15 games in 2 more seasons then Sanchez is a failure and we have no hope in hell of getting a conference upgrade. Hill is investing in success not mediocrity. Compete for championships. #GoldStandard. He is eyeing the same conference affiliation goal.

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