2019 Football Recruiting Thread


FAU is where Tronti ended up, I think.


I hope he was on the sideline when Cruz’s kick sunk their bowl hopes.


Good One NA!!!


Wimbush to UCF


Don’t want to derail the recruiting thread but didn’t know where else to post.

Given that Healy wants a dual threat qb do you think that opens the door up for Willie Green or Brady Pope if we don’t get a transfer/juco? Shirreffs and Reynolds while capable of gaining some yards were mainly runners when the pocket collapsed. Hard to tell by their bio’s but it appears Pope was also a pass first guy in high school and Green has passing records at Crest but no mentioned of rushing yardage in his bio.

Just curious what our options are assuming we don’t land a transfer or JUCO player eligible immediately.


My guess is then it would be tailored to Reynolds or Shirreffs. My guess if they strikeout on the trail, Reynolds gets the nod and Pope could event leapfrog Shirreffs.


I think Reynolds is underrated as a runner.


I think he’s elusive in the pocket, but he’s not a guy that can run the ball that often, you saw how his body took the beating this season and the injuries he sustained. Can you imagine him trying to carry the ball 10x per game?


I agree that Reynolds is allusive but his body definitely couldn’t handle the abuse it took this season. Putting him in a position to run the ball on planned runs is setting him up for more injuries imo. I hate it for him because he’s a good kid that brings a lot of intangibles to the field.


We had several 2019 visitors on campus this past weekend for unofficial visits, and a 2020 QB from a local HS program.

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Agree, but I worry about his durability. Seems like he came out of the game in every game he played in. Hopefully, if he’s the guy we go with next year, we have a better oline so he doesn’t need to run (or get hit when not running) as often.


I’m looking forward to seeing what Reynolds can do next year. He was only a freshman last year and looked like the best qb under Lambert and Co. during his tenure here. Would like to see what he can do with Healy at the helm and look to recruit better WRs to go along with Tucker.


The fact the best QB we have seen was a walk-on speaks volumes about recruiting… I’m hopeful our starter against GW isn’t yet on the roster.


Alex Highsmith was a walk-on as well.


The ankle injury that actually sidelined him was something that began and was likely always there lingering from high school. I think most understand he’s tough as nails and his style of always attempting to extend the play until the last second will result in a lot of hits. That mixed with a very leaky Oline and you’re going to get hit. If he gets a little smarter with his body, while not sacrificing that improv ability, more plays designed to roll him out, and some runs where he doesn’t allow himself to take hits, and you could have a lot of success.

He was a walk on, rs freshman, and I would bet a lot Charlotte bowls if he doesn’t get hurt. That’s 2 years after playing live game football. Bring the qb competition, but I would stand strongly behind him until proven otherwise. I know it’s not the shiny prize as a walk on - but I’d be thankful for his height and to have him - because at 6’1 or greater he wouldn’t be here. Guaranteed.


There are certainly things to like and respect about Reynolds. Issue for him and other QBs on staff is they don’t fit the preferred scheme Healy wants to implement. I don’t think his body can take the pounding of running the ball 10x per game. Shirreffs certainly can’t run an RPO scheme as there is no threat when he takes off to run. Pope is an unknown, but he wasn’t much of a runner in HS.

I’d certainly look for staff to bring in other QB’s in this class that they feel are talent better fits schematically and/or talent upgrades.


Our 4 year recruiting rank was 122 and our S&P rank was 112. So, they were really coaching em up.


One thing about Lambert’s Redshirt Everybody rule…is that it helps develop kids not ready to play as Freshmen. Recruiting a lot of 1 & 2 star (or even unrated) players really do benefit from a full year of college practice and college weights before playing one down of college football. The hope is…those 0’s 1’s and 2’s are 2’s and 3’s by the time they play.

I think that’s why our recruits got “coached up” so much from their recruiting rankings.

Personally…I’d rather have 3 & 4 star players that can contribute immediately mixed in with some low ranking kids that can red shirt. But what do I know?


Highsmith sure was a walk-on… he also isn’t a quarterback, which was kind of the point of my comment… Its the most important position in the sport. Lambert did some really good work in the walk-on space, hit a couple of home runs

we can certainly agree to disagree, but I’ll stand by my thought that Lambert and co were abject failures for their treatment of the QB position. Their failure to address the position has hamstrung this program from day 1


I didn’t comment on lamberts recruiting in general. I simply pointed out the flaw in your comment which seemed to suggest that a walk on winning a starting position shows that you have no talent at a given position. Sometimes talent has just been overlooked, regardless of position.