2019 Niner Baseball Thread


Great job today!


Current temperature in Fayetteville, Ark at 10 am on Monday morning: 9 degrees. Forecast mid thirties at game time on Tuesday and mid forties on Wednesday. Games start at 3Pm local time, so it may get a little colder before the game concludes. Great baseball weather, huh?


Big series win over Kent State this weekend. Pitching was very solid, only allowing 3 ER all weekend. Hitting came around a little bit. Some costly errors kept us from sweeping in game 3, but overall solid weekend defensively.

So here are the details on the Indoor Facility naming:

Former player Johannes Lopez (98) and his family donated a large sum towards the facility, and his name will be honored on the suite area on the 3B side of the press box. The Family of Zach Jarrett (2017) also donated a large sum towards the facility. The cages inside the facility will be named the Jarrett Family Hitting Cages. Naming rights for the facility itself are still open. I’m speculating that they are leaving this open for future upgrades at the Hayes that come from the facilities master plan.


Here’s everyone’s chance to have a building named after them!


Should have named the left field wall after Zach Jarrett, or at least the replacement plank he necessitated.


I’ve heard rumors of The 4ever niner bathroom stall.


First, thank you Lopez and Jarrett families. You are making a big difference in our program through your generosity. It is interesting that the money to construct this got donors partial naming rather than the whole building. I wonder is that relates to the amount of money donated, or a new approach to naming rights.

If I won the lottery it would be named the Ike Turner Hitting Facility.


Tuesday game at Arkansas is cancelled. Wednesday game still scheduled.:snowman:


global weirding.



Lost to #10 Arkansas yesterday 9-2. Pitching looked pretty good for the 1st 2 times through their line-up (Czantcowski(?) & Sczypinski(?)). We trailed 2-0 in the 6th, but then the wheels fell off. Offense couldn’t get much going until very late either.


Netzer, Nichting, and Jarrett all played in big league games this week. TJ had an RBI single and Jarrett got an infield hit. Netzer hit one that was caught on the wall vs the Mets. Not sure how much more MLB time they will get now that the minor league games are starting.


A friend of mine played pro baseball and was the star on every team he played on–including the AAA Charlotte O’s-- until he got his shot in the bigs. He was called up and played for the Orioles for two weeks and said he knew that was it for him, because there was an enormous jump from AAA to the show. But, he became a member of the MLBPA and got a ring that said so. Two weeks on the field, but a lifetime of once being a major league baseball player. That is huge.


Uggg…we just gave up 6 runs to Coppin State in the 7th. We went from up 3-1 to down 7-3. They had 1 hit through 6 innings.


FIVE of those runs are UNEARNED. crazy bad.


2 errors back to back scored several.


Hibbs should be in a better mood after today’s game, though I don’t know if we played so much better or Coppin Out played so much worse. The Eagle’s could sure use a couple outfielders who can judge and catch long fly balls.
On to tag NC State with their first loss of the season on Tuesday.

Side note: Our previous opponent, Clemson, came from one run back in the ninth to hit a two out two run homer and complete a weekend sweep over the Tar Holes.


Side note to the Side note: The kid from Clemson who hit the walk-off HR is all american SS Logan Davidson. His father Mark was on the very first 49er Baseball team for 2 seasons before transferring to Clemson. Went on to play in the big leagues.

This weekend was somewhat disappointing. I thought it would be a ‘get right’ series to get the bats rolling. The bats didn’t get rolling until Game 2. Game 3 is kind of what I expected to see.

With Brooks out this past weekend, our rotation was McGowan, Cooner, Pinkney. I thought all 3 did well. The 2 errors back to back ballooned into 5 unearned runs after McGowan left to blow that game open.

NC State is now 15-0 to start the season and probably a Top 10 team in the country when the polls come out. They did struggle with NCCU last week during the mid-week. They had to come back from an 8-0 deficit and won 11-10 in extra innings.


Will Brooks be back this weekend?


He should be.