2019 Niner Baseball Thread




anyone have tickets already for tonight’s charlotte/ncstate game at bb&t they aren’t going to use and can transfer over before I maybe buy some?


I have 4 in 107 I’m not going to be able to use


4-4. crap!


5-4 in the 9th…some of our pitching decisions make me scratch my head. Huge spot and we bring in a freshman who has barely thrown at all this season. Cant throw a damn strike…walk, walk, walk,…6-4 now…we lead 4-1 in the 8th.


know little abt baseball, but even i can see we need pitching depth.


Pitching decisions cost us this one. Coached ourselves out of a resume win. Battled back in the ninth but ran ourselves out of a scoring situation


Left the pitcher in the 9th in their too long

Very costly base running error in 9th. Just can’t let that happen.

Chick-fil-a loves me at all Niner events.


Of course we need pitching depth. Every team in America not in the SEC and ACC needs more pitching depth.

Those guys played balls to the wall. Bullpen just ran out of gas. We went Johnny whole staff and darn near took down the #2 team in America.

No moral victories though. Gotta get better in the back end of the pen. Gotta be smart on the base path, and have to take disciplined at bats, and get bunts down when asked to do so. A collection of little things got us tonight. That’s the name of the game though.


Concessions at BB&T ballpark was an embarrassment tonight. Spent much of the first 4 innings in concession lines. Terrible. Really the worst concession experience I’ve ever had. Hope they have it fixed for the Clemson game.


With everything we did wrong tonight, a very close call at second base in the top half of the ninth was the deciding play. If we get that call, we win 5-4.

Too many walks.

NC State has a good club. They, however, will not remain Top 5 for very long.


Bobby Lutz was there and sat with State fans…WTH ?!


Let’s just be honest, he no longer cares about the Niners.


clt is posting this message while in line to get a hamburger


Starting pitcher was mowing 'em down (had retired 5-6 straight) and we took him out…I can only assume he was on a pitch count.


I’m not sure he’s really a starter. Seemed to me like that was a bullpen effort from the start.


He recently spoke at the Belk College.


clt is now 10th in line!


Got there a little late and was then in the concession getting food but I saw Brooks name hitting in line for a burger. Did we start him at DH and then pull him after his one at bat? Stats online say that Pennington pinch hit for him and he didn’t have an at-bat so confused as to what was going on. I guess Hibbs just wanted him in the lineup to pinch hit for him to make sure he didn’t use him out of the pen.


Concessions were an abomination last night, skipped dinner because wanted a hot dog at the park, couldn’t find one and after waiting 15 minutes for a pepperoni pizza got a cheese one instead because that’s all they were preparing. The Knights can and should do better than that.

That’s the kind of game we’ve got to win in the future if we want to be an at large team. It was there, we outplayed them, and let it slip away. It was fun for 7 innings.