2019 Niner Baseball Thread




Thanks. Me too.


Nice to see this position added to the staff. Glad to see a familiar face taking on the role.


The exhibition at Virginia Tech that was scheduled for Friday has been cancelled due to the storm.

We will host the Ontario Blue Jays again this year in an exhibition on October 12th.

I’ve also heard that we will host Davidson in an exhibition but haven’t seen it announced anywhere. I hope we can find another road game to take advantage of the new fall exhibition rule.



Fall Exhibition game vs Davidson at the Hayes Thursday October 4. #DuckFavidson


Has a time been set?



Glad we’re getting back to playing State at BB&T, and Clemson that should make for a fun evening.


Funny thing about March night baseball games: it’s way colder then than evening football games in September and October.


Nice OOC schedule so far RPI wise:

FEB 15-17 Delaware (158)
FEB 19 at Clemson (13)
MAR 1-3 Kent St (59)
MAR 5-6 at Arkansas (2)
MAR 12 NC State (24)*
MAR 26 Clemson (13)*

And we are also heading down to South Carolina (27) for a mid-week.


Some bad news, sounds like Jackson Mims has retired from baseball. He’s no longer on the roster.
He told MLB scouts last year that he wasn’t interested in a pro career, and now looks like he’s done after he gets his degree in December. He’ll pursue a career outside of baseball.

Many of us expected him to get drafted last year and thought we dodged a bullet when he didn’t get drafted. Turns out he wants to move on from baseball.


Boy that’s a shame. Jackson played so-so third base, but was a very good hitter. We’ll miss his bat. Best of luck to him as he moves on.


I thought I remembered something similar to this last summer, where he wasn’t coming back but I didn’t realize he was leaving. Wish he’d play one more season - we could really use his bat in the lineup, even if it’s just as DH




Hmmm. Wonder if the staff knew this development was going down?


If he was making scouts aware I would assume the coaching staff knew it was coming as well If they knew he was on track to graduate in December.


He was on the initial fall roster, came out for a few weeks of fall workouts and then decided he didn’t want to play. Staff tried to keep him on board for one more season, but he has a job lined up for the spring. Seems like there is still some time for him to change his mind though.


You get to play college sports for four seasons–you get to work forever. Easy choice


Yeah, that’s disappointing. He will likely regret this later.