2019 Spring Practice Thread



Interview with Atkins


If these coaches don’t excite you then you don’t like football. Night and day on the exposure that they give fans versus the last staff.


Coach alley leaving to take Boise st linebackers coaching position


The coaches have A LOT of energy. Glad to see that today. I hope this rubs off on the players. West coaches like he still wants to play! Entire staff was sprinting around high fiving and chest bumping player after good plays.


Good for Zac, my guess is he’s getting a pretty good bit more $$$ in Boise than here.


Can confirm that Alley is indeed leaving.


Healy mic’d up https://youtu.be/dKlf0-rNnP8


Hope he keeps some cough drops on him because that voice will be gone if he keeps that up haha.


That was nothing compared to West. They need to mic up West.







Today’s highlights:



Is Dre confused or did he just forget a C?


He’s probably thinking “UNC @ Charlotte Football”


clt says it is unccc Charlotte.


Yup! No name confusion issue at this U! Carry on!