2019 Week 14: Old Dominion

Chance to get to 7 wins and maybe a better bowl game. Let’s round it out in style Niners!


Can’t wait for the road trip next week!!

Need to take care of business next week. Can’t let our guard down & look past ODU. Finish up 7-5 & recruiting could really take off. Never thought 7 wins would be possible a few weeks ago.


I don’t believe they are as bad as their record. could be a tough game. We have to play at our current level to win.


Yup that was an emotional and physical game against Marshall. It would be easy to have a let-down here. I dint think we need our A game but probably need a B game. This is probably Wilders last game, that could energize or demoralize ODU. Hope we can jump on them early and see how invested they are.

This could very easily be a let down week…after the biggest and most emotional win in our brief history…I almost couldn’t blame them and almost expect it. Lucky that ODU seems to be very bad and maybe we catch them just going thru the motions to end the season but the coaches have their work cut out for them to get them back up and emotionally ready for this one.

Their offense is terrible. If we can have the defense show up, we can try to make them score 30 with us.

We need to keep our foot on the gas. We aren’t so good we can beat anyone without max effort.

The way the 2nd half of this season has gone, and the 2nd half of the last few games has gone, I have no doubt that our guys will come out with a “nah, fuck that, we aren’t done yet” attitude like they have been playing with.

I think a great benefit about Club Lit that isn’t talked about as much is it (seems to) condition the guys to celebrating big for every week. If your process is to celebrate every win like it’s the biggest game of the year, it would seem you’d be less likely to lose your edge in the next game.

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clt bets that heals watches film on the lame duck coaches team

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Our guys are much stronger, faster and generally healthier than they ever have been this late, as a team. I never thought about the celebrating contributing to that until this read, but I think it has merit.


Let down? No.

Fists up.

We finish.


Finish regular season off strong and get ready!

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YOU CAN’T STOP US!!! (clap- clap clap-clap-clap!)

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Should the Charlotte/ODU game have a trophy?

Consensus was “hell no”:

You are what your record says you are

Bill Parcells

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We won’t be in this league long enough for this to be a rivalry.


clt agrees. We need to focus on the AAC for rivalries,

They have a Toys-for-Tots drive going on if you make it to the game this weekend:


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Things like rivalries have to develop organically and naturally, not contrived. The Panthers Keep Pounding tradition is the most emotionally pure and exquisite fan tradition that’s ever organically and naturally evolved. Made up stuff never survives .

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