2020 College Hoops Coaching Carousel

One time Charlotte Hornet named head coach of Alabama State Hornets:

When you say “Wisconsin-Green Bay”, people think mid-major basketball dynasty, the same as if you said Gonzaga, VCU, or Butler.

Tony Bennett’s dad won big there. Why can’t every coach?

The Green Bay move is a real head scratcher. During his tenure, Darner took Phoenix MBB to its first NCAAT in 20 years and had met consistently the provision in his contract of receiving an automatic one year extension for finishing in the top 4 of the Horizon. The only thing I can figure is that a new president and AD have different ideas about what is acceptable.

Just checked out their KenPom data for first time since Darner got fired, and although this team has scrapped together some decent Horizon League records all the other numbers are not good. Brian Wardle had them in the Top 75 the two seasons before he left for Bradley (I don’t think Mid-Major Dynasties lose coaches to Bradley) and Darner got to the NCAA Tournament on the back of Wardle’s guys. In the next 4 seasons Green Bay had an average KenPom ranking of 215th. I see why they made a move, but waiting until May was just silly.

Why was he fired, again? I recall him coming out of the gate pretty strong at GCU.

Majerle seems to have done a good job of transitioning GCU from D-II to D-I. His undoing most likely had to do with having a team that many thought would contend for a WAC title in 2019-20, only to finish in a tie for 5th and 13-17 overall.

Dang. What have you done for me lately.

Well, probably more to the Majerle dismissal, as well as Darner at Green Bay. Both “head scratcher” moves if just looking at overall records.

There’s an interesting choice stated in this article: Do you take 4 years, $200k each or 6 years, $175k each?

Guaranteed money? I’m taking the $1,050,000 over the $800,000 all day. But if you want to bet on yourself, and that you’ll get a better offer or earn an extension in 2-3 years, then take the $800k. The success rate of coaches getting a 2nd better job is well under 50%. Take the sure thing.

Yeah - I’m taking the 6 years all-day. If I’m good enough to warrant a bump up, I’m probably getting it anyway from another school or in my renegotiated contract in year 4/5. If I’m not, give me that sweet, sweet guaranteed $1 mill.

Sometimes I forget that a coach can survive on just $175,000 per year. His wife must clip coupons.