2020 Summer Movies

Ive been doing a summer movie post for many years where I highlight upcoming movies and my gut reaction to either their success or my excitement level around each with a very short description. Well with 2020 summer movies first delayed and now basically looking like it won’t happen I wanted to at least make a 2020 movie post. Hopefully next summer we can get back to the big movie season!

Big Summer 2020 Movies

Hopefully sometime before September: Tenet - Christopher Nolan brings us another of his masterpieces. Designed to make you think and ponder and the trailers seems like this will fall in the lines of Memento, Inception and previous works. Delayed multiple times from original release date and at this point the only summer movie I really want to see and I will go see it opening night whenever it does show. Nolan has been committed to theatrical release so don’t expect it to stream ahead of traditional theater experience unless the studios force it.

What a year! I appreciate you doing this every year. I always find a couple to put on my list, and usually a couple more to mark off my list.

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It ain’t for this summer, but have enjoyed following the development of Denis Villenueve’s Dune. He directed Arrival, Gravity, and Blade Runner 2049. He has been given a huge budget and shot on location in desert regions. And unlike the 1984 version, he is not trying to fit the entire book into one film. Instead, he is breaking it into 2 films as there is a pretty natural break in the book.

Huge cast… lot of recognizable names:


They are also using a good amount of practical effects/sets, and they built life sized versions of some of the vehicles as well.

Release date is around Xmas. It’s hard to do sci fi and fantasy well. Really hope they can pull this off.

I read the first four Dune books in college, and now I am thinking that maybe I should read the first one again before the film comes out. The movie making art has advanced to a point that they can really do this right. Fingers crossed.

I too am really looking forward to Dune. I want to see what a great filmmaker can do with this material. Does anyone know if they finished principle photography on it before COVID hit? I had thought this would have impacted the production.

Any love on the board for the David Lynch movie? One of the strangest movies I have ever seen and a huge disappointment for me.

Anyone checked out the Old Guard yet on Netflix?

I did watch Greyhound. Awesome!

Dune finished principle photography before Covid started. The only possible delay will be the same on Tenet is facing.

Saw Old Guard and Greyhound. Greyhound is really solid but missing. . Something. It’s very well made. Old Guard was surprisingly good. Believe they’re doing a sequel.