2021-22 MBB - Charlotte @ Southern Miss, 3/5 3:00 PM ESPN+

Why is the floor of their arena a circle? What was it built for? Rodeo? Roller Hockey? That looks like crap.

USM makes some terrible decisions with the ball.

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Garcia suited up for the game.

I really enjoy when Braswell brings the pain.

We never ever step on the throat.


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Glad to have the win, but coming down to a last second shot doesn’t give me warm and fuzzies for the conference tournament.



That was satisfying…

the final minutes were a frustrating way to close out. hopefully they have a good showing in texas

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That was one ugly game. Play Rice on Wednesday who lost to UTSA today. If we win, play North Texas on Thursday who also lost today.

We tend to give our opponents CPR instead

That stat line from young is pretty impressive with 0 TOs. I think the announcers said hes had something like 44 games straight with double digit points. Thats pretty unreal…the context of hunters question to him on the podcast makes more sense now, I for sure have taken him for granted this year.

We really should have won by 20. They were a really bad looking team.