2021-22 MBB - LA Tech @ Charlotte, 2/10 7:00 PM Stadium


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Lofton looks to be a handful. And can’t just focus defensively on him with five Bulldogs averaging double digits scoring!

Built Different is right…

Is that Barkley??

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On October 26th, 1997, Houston Rockets power forward Charles Barkley was at Phineas Phoggs, a bar in Church Street Station of Orlando Florida. Jeffery Williams, an off-duty police officer working at the nightspot, stated that Barkley arrived shortly after 11pm and was sitting at a table with fellow Houston Rockets teammate Clyde Drexler and others.

At approximately 2 a.m., while Barkley was relaxing and signing autographs for fans, Jorge Lugo, age 20, and another person with him, began harassing Barkleys’ group. Karen Carrington of Deltona, Florida, said Barkley tried to avoid a confrontation with them as Lugo shouted curses and threw a cup of ice. Carrington said she started to confront Lugo, but Barkley persuaded her to ignore him. “Charles grabbed me. He said, ‘Leave it alone. They’re just trying to cause problems’.” But when Lugo threw a glass, hitting Carrington in the jaw and knocking her off her chair, Barkley got angry, she said. Carrington, whose face was bruised, was wearing a neck brace later Sunday.

Charles Barkley got up from his seat and went after Jorge Lugo. Officer Williams spotted Lugo running toward the front door with Barkley in pursuit. The officer grabbed Lugo, with Barkley tugging at Lugo’s arm. The officer said he told Barkley: “Charles, I will handle this. Let go. Charles, let me take care of this”. Barkley responded: “I will not hurt him. I just want to talk to him”. When the officer released his grip on Lugo to radio for assistance, Barkley grabbed Lugo, lifted him above his head and threw Lugo through a plate-glass window.

Said officer Williams, “I looked up and saw the arrestee (Barkley) holding the victim up in the air by his arms, at which time the arrestee threw the victim into a plate-glass window”. Barkley then taunted Lugo twice. The first time, Barkley told Lugo: “You got what you deserve. You don’t respect me. I hope you’re hurt”. The police report said officers pulled Barkley away, but he stepped back and said, “For all I care, you can lay there and die.”

Lugo, a construction laborer, was released from Orlando Regional Medical Center after treatment for minor cuts to his right arm. Mark NeJame, an Orlando attorney representing Lugo, said his client, who is 5 feet 2 inches tall and 110 pounds, denies the claims and has witnesses to corroborate his version of the events. “He did not throw either ice or the glass,” NeJame said. “It’s not to say somebody didn’t, but it wasn’t him.” The police report said five witnesses, including a bar employee, said they saw Lugo throw the glass at Barkley, hitting the woman in the face.

NeJame said Lugo was “experiencing serious head pain” and taking medication. “All of a sudden he finds himself being chased and hunted and being literally picked up and thrown through a window like a sack of potatoes”. At his arraignment, Charles Barkley was asked by the Judge asked if he had any regrets. Barkley replied, “Yeah, I regret we were on the first floor.”


Looks like a handfull & a shirt full

Predicting an upset win, and 6 more years of Ron.

Niners are 1-9 all-time vs LA Tech. Sanchez did get the victory over them in January 2019.

Hopefully this isn’t considered too much of an upset win on Ronnie’s resume. A conference USA game at home should be an expected win.

LA Tech is favored but is 6-3 on the road, so they are beatable. Just can’t repeat the 38-13 first half score from the last time we played them.

clt thinks we win

I’m going and taking my son. So if we lose you can blame it on me. Because I want to think it’s going to be a good game and we will show up, most likely I’ll be beaten down again. It’s also a bad day at work, so there’s that too.

Not turrible.

Hate I will be missing the game, but going to Senior Night to cheer on the son of one of my good friends.

Worst case for those who is going, you get to see a potential future NBA player in Lofton.

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You have good days at work?

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Huge game tonight. Really need the win. I agreed to a date night tonight without looking at schedule so missing the game.

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We hit 12-14 threes we win.


Could you make a CLT game a date night? :upside_down_face:

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