2021-22 MBB - ODU @ Charlotte, 1/26 7:00 PM ESPN+


clt says they should have :burrito:

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What’s a “full allotment of fans”?



Nah that can’t be right. :call_me_hand: No way there’s a sell out tomorrow. Ballzy.

Just means “no restrictions on the number who want to attend”.

Capacity was originally 9,105 for basketball.

I was kidding


Yeah what is this 8993 garbage? Halton is 9105.

That’s the figure provided by the university:


I believe the reduction in seats is due to section 116 no longer being used for seating, but media currently.

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Hmmmmm…careful with your precise knowledge of BB operations and how it might pertain to your other posts.

clt says we now have 112 seats for the rich

I have no knowledge of that just simple visually noticed that section is no longer normal seating.

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Is the top row on the away side still blocked off to protect the view from handicapped seats on the track?

Yeah. I remember when family/close friends of the team sat in that section. Diego’s wife sat in that section. It’s known that section has received more blown kisses than any other section in Halton. :kissing_heart:

Based on what I was told by the ticket office when renewing my season tickets this year the family/close friend section is now section 108.