2021-22 WBB vs UNC Tar Heels 3:30 PM

Let’s show the WBB team some love as they welcome the lady Tar Heels into Halton this afternoon. I’m expecting a good game. In their last game the Niners beat the Richmond Spiders 63-45. The Tar Heels are coming off of a 92-47 victory over NC A&T who has former Niner Jasmine Harris on the roster. Last year Charlotte came up a little short in a 81-75 loss in Chapel Hill. Opportunities like this are why fifth year senior Octavia Jett-Wilson came back this year. Barring any major injuries I think this team can definitely win a post-season birth and potentially get their third NCAA tournament bid in school history.

Probable starters


I’m at the game and we are getting destroyed. We have no energy. It’s 27 - 3 after the first quarter.

Pulling a NINER.

Started watching and had to turn it off. Tar Heels hitting everything, us nothing.

Totally embarrassing. I don’t know what it is about our current coach, but more times than not, her teams disappear in the clutch. Cheat has more talent than us, but they also out hustled us in our building.
Every time Chapel Hill missed a shot, they were flying in to rebound while our players stood flat footed.
Even up a bizzilion points late in the 4th, they rebounded their own missed free throw. Totally embarrassing.

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Oh my

hindenburg GIF by Adult Swim

Almost tripled up.

Just reading coach’s remarks after the game. It is not appropriate to state that we have a good team after getting a world class ass kicking.
BTW, I’m hearing the league coaches want a recount of their preseason poll.

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I don’t know why I kept watching, but it was UGLY.

Time to move on. Average coach be every measure.

We were exposed on both ends of the floor. I struggled with trying to figure out if we are really not that good or if the Tar Heels are a top 25 team. They were more aggressive, had more energy, were more athletic and in general seemed to have a higher basketball IQ as a whole.

Heels may turn out to be a top 25 squad but were picked to finish #7 in ACC with no players selected to the preseason team.

Top 25? They better be Top 2 to justify our performance.

clt says even karen can have a bad day