2021 C-USA Football

Can’t really argue with that.

I think we have the potential to be top three, I also think we could be bottom three. Our season is going to be defined by three things.

  • Can the D-line step up and rush the passer/stop the run more effectively? Good G5 teams can control the line against their conference peers. I’m not expecting us to go up and push around Duke and Illinois, but we need to stop getting bulldozed by the FAUs of our conference.

  • Same question goes on the offensive side of the ball. Can our O-line step up. I think a big part of our struggles was wasn’t really on Carney, but on the fact that our line sucked. We have a lot of weapons that are deadly if they have some proper blocking

  • Production out of the QB spot. I love Reynolds, but something was off with him this year. (injury). Without the threat of him running as much, he loses a lot of his deadliness. I’m glad we have the A&M transfer to push him/step up if another injury crops up.

I agree this is where we should be ranked. I’m expecting a top 3 finish in conference though, hopefully competing for a CUSA title in December.

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If we finish 6th in the league I will count it as a disappointment. That said, we need as much help as we can get on both lines.

As for the preview, it didn’t take into account any of our transfers. Byrd wasn’t mentioned at RB, Foster at QB, nor Tank Robinson from ECU and Jonathon Alexander from KSU. All four of those should be impact guys. Unfortunately none of them play OL or DL. Neither do Boykins (LB) and Whisenhunt (LB). At least we got Kofi Wardlow at DE. But losing Fisher at C and Crawford at RT really hurts. We need to fill the holes in that OL badly, and we could use some more help on the DL too, unless our freshman signees are ready to contribute right away.

Tangential question: does anyone know / remember if Caleb Rodney (OG recruited by Grimes, verballed in Oct) signed? Big guy (6’4 320).

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Strange seeing us so low in the RB rankings.

Wonder if McCaffrey will have to sit out a year since he has already transferred once.

Predicts a loss vs. ODU. Not a conference loss, however, as they are listed as a member of the Sun Belt. :laughing:

I just do not believe we are going to be this bad, maybe it’s my green glasses.



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