2021 College Football - Week 3

It’s over: best helmet of the year! Tulane will wear these helmets Saturday vs. Ole Miss w/“Greenie,” featuring its old mascot from its SEC days. And Tulane also will have decal showing 3 SEC titles Green Wave won pic.twitter.com/13jeITZowz

— Brett McMurphy (@Brett_McMurphy) September 16, 2021


Watching the Illinois/Maryland game and Illinois is not scaring me for our match up later this year. If I had to guess, they are probably better than Duke, but only slightly…unless Maryland is just making them look bad (through the 2nd quarter they don’t look so hot either).

Would be cool to get another P5 win under our belt this year, but on the road and a potentially tougher opponent that already lost to a CUSA team may not work to our advantage.

Pull for Illinois hard tonight, if we can keep taking care of business that game , we’ll I don’t even want to say it but the season could escalate to the next level.

They are a horrible stylistic match-up for us though.

This Louisville UCF game is insane.

What a final couple of minutes. WOW.

Catch the highlights of this one if you can.

This is where we should be. Stings a little.


Absolutely. I take it back after seeing the 3rd quarter…they seem to be wearing them down with the run game. Hopefully our offense can get ahead early.

Terps win on a last second FG. 20-17. They are 3-0. Illini fall to 1-3.

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Duke up 21-0 on Norhwestern in the 2nd

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30-7 at half.

How bad is Northwestern supposed to be?

This preview predicted 7 wins for Northwestern.

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LA Tech falls in dramatic fashion!

Listening to halftime on ESPN 730 and according to their scoreboard SMU held on for the win over LA Tech! :roll_eyes:

C-USA :football: = :poop:

We are proving that tonight.

We are a joke. A very bad one.

That is correct. Our Duke win may turn out to be the highlight of the year for the league and that is just sad.

I guess it technically could be worse.

As mad as I got…

Highs and lows of sports. We shoulda ended the season after week 1