2021 College Football Week 8

UTSA enters the week with its first ever national ranking.

That will be a nice moment for our program the first time it happens. UTSA deserves to savor this one.



clt says he has us in our old conference

I rank us ahead of utsa

This is a strange year in terms of rankings, which might be symptomatic of the more player-favorable transfer rules in place. Like, #23 Pitt to face UNRANKEd Clemson? Cinci at #2, ahead of Alabama and Ohio State? Coastal Carolina and broadway at the beach ranked fricken #14? 16 Wake Forest ahead of 18 NC State, both of which would probably lose to #23 Pitt, unranked Clemson? Nebraska , Florida, LSU and Florida State sucks, but KY is jelly at #15? Times HAVE certainly changed

It’s cute that app rushed the field over fellow sunbelt coastal. Must be their super bowl.

I give App credit for having a great football atmosphere on game day

clt says that appy win was good for aac, well done.

Well, if we rushed the field after beating the ACC doormat, then not going to fault App after their win over a previously unbeaten #14 Coastal.


I was joking. You are supposed to ignore our field storming history. It’s always okay if we do it. It’s embarrassing when other teams do it.

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Well, when you are such a VAUNTED program like App, I don’t see why they rushed the field. To hear a lot of their fans you would think they are the equivalent of Alabama…would Bama have rushed the field?

clt says that was embarrassing for appy. Good win for the aac tho

Illinois beats No. 7 Penn Sate in 9 OT’s! They looked really solid today. Ran for 357 yds, but only passed for about 40. Huge win on the road for them.


Happy Valley not so happy


klempzen looking oh so ordinary right now. Looks like the orange dynasty is at least on hold for a while.

Rice beating UAB in 3rd

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Rice up 6 with the ball 3:30 left. They’ve looked good.