2021 College Football Week 9

Bob McCreary played football at Wake Forest and the Dallas Cowboys. After he retired from football, he started a furniture company named McCreary Modern that is very successful. Hopefully we will have some successful alums to step up in the future with significant gifts


Been looking over the membership of the just announced NCAA D-I Transformation Committee and here’s the breakdown by conference:

AAC = 1
*ACC = 2
*Big 10 = 2
*Big 12 = 2
Big East = 1
Ivy = 1
MAC = 1 (co-chair)
MEAC = 1
Missouri Valley = 1
*Pac-12 = 2
*SEC = 3 (includes co-chair)
Summit = 1
West Coast = 1

NOTE: Autonomous 5 conference denoted by *

Twenty members including one (former) student athlete. Autonomous 5 (aka P5) have a slight majority with 11 members, which includes co-chair Greg Sankey, SEC commissioner.

Going to be interesting to see the committee’s recommendations for D-I membership and organization.

Tulane just took a 9-7 lead on #2 Cincy mid Q2 in New Orleans…

Pretty sure I just watched Michigan State’s Kenny Walker win the Heisman today… I didn’t see final stats but had to be almost 300 yards and he had 5 TDs in their win over #6 Michigan. Crazy game.

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clt says Jordan brand is :poop:

Hmmm I could have sworn I saw a graphic where he already had 217 yards before he broke the 5th TD run. Anyway… Still a fantastic day. He carried MSU to victory…

Kenneth Walker III, RB, Michigan State: 23 carries, 195 yards, five touchdowns; three receptions, 11 yards