2021 College Hoops Coaching Carousel

UC Riverside stays in house:

Magpayo promoted to Head Coach at Cal Riverside - HoopDirt


Piece about the new “old” (or old “new”) coaches, including AK at UAB:

Interesting that two of the five coaches might have ended up here if things had tilted in the right direction. Gregg Marshall and Will Wade are on that list because they are likely to be fired for bad behavior. Actually, that is being too kind for Wade, he has been cheating like a MF’er.

If Marshall is let go I will be curious to see where he lands. At 57 I doubt he is ready to hang it up, and there are always schools that seem willing to give a guy a chance when he has a record like Marshall’s. He can rehabilitate his image under a “no tolerance” policy and then be ready to get back to the big boys. In fact, if his next stop is a successful turn-around situation he might end up at a better school than WSU in a few years.

Former Texas A&M and Murray State HC joins Shocker staff:

Thats really strange circumstances. I don’t blame him one bit for not coaching, but its weird for the AD to not figure things out yet with him.

Strange circumstances indeed! Reading that Chicago State AHC Rodell Davis coached solo today vs Windy City foe Loyola of Chicago. One assistant resigned last week and the other on personal leave.

Been told by source that the Chicago State staff does have the go-ahead to hire another assistant after the resignation of Justin Bowen more than a week ago so that should help moving forward. https://t.co/gcG2SbC2Yz

— Jeff Goodman (@GoodmanHoops) December 9, 2020

Probably another dismissal that would have occurred after last season if not for the pandemic. Plus another ex-NBA guy who couldn’t cut it in the collegiate ranks.