2021 Football Countdown begins

200 days until our best football season starts!


OK, I’ll play… 199 days til kickoff (haven’t done the math myself but will assume Burrito is correct - how could a slayer of burritos be wrong)

clt says :burrito: slayer is a great name

Not just a name- it is a lifestyle

tackle D’Mitri Emmanuel has a chance to be the next Niners’ offensive lineman to play on Sundays. He’s started the previous two seasons, earning a third-team spot on the all-conference team in 2020. Look for Emmanuel to take the next step and challenge as one of the top offensive linemen in Conference USA.

Turning into OLU.

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Looking forward to watching live football at the Rich this fall.

A&M as well, of course a lot can happen between now and then but still encouraging people are preparing for full capacity.

That is 100% about maintaining season ticket renewals on the normal spring timeframe, and not about actual attendance plans. The budgets are built on getting those $ in during March and April.

We better have a spring game…?

142 days until we beat Duke. Anyone planning on going to FL for the FIU game in Oct?

I would like to go to the Illinois game if they allow opposing fans in their stadium.

Ga State is also tempting

Illinois in my plans. Been there several times and never thought I’d see a 49ers team there.

Going to paraphrase some Marsha fans and say FIU ducked us to avoid a loss last year.

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That is one of the main reasons I want to go to Miami. We have never beaten FIU and regardless of how the rest of our last season went I feel we were robbed of a great opportunity. I really want to be there to pick up that elusive first victory over the only east opponent we have not beaten.


clt says miami has great :burrito: