2021 Football Countdown begins

200 days until our best football season starts!


OK, I’ll play… 199 days til kickoff (haven’t done the math myself but will assume Burrito is correct - how could a slayer of burritos be wrong)

clt says :burrito: slayer is a great name

Not just a name- it is a lifestyle

tackle D’Mitri Emmanuel has a chance to be the next Niners’ offensive lineman to play on Sundays. He’s started the previous two seasons, earning a third-team spot on the all-conference team in 2020. Look for Emmanuel to take the next step and challenge as one of the top offensive linemen in Conference USA.

Turning into OLU.

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Looking forward to watching live football at the Rich this fall.

A&M as well, of course a lot can happen between now and then but still encouraging people are preparing for full capacity.

That is 100% about maintaining season ticket renewals on the normal spring timeframe, and not about actual attendance plans. The budgets are built on getting those $ in during March and April.

We better have a spring game…?